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WHES Ch. Nov. 2023Va Horse Center fall event 2023GVRDC Area 1 CH. 2023Millbrook 2023Va. Horse Ctr. CCI/HT May 2023WHES May 2023Archived old eventsLLHT 2023SPHT 2023Carolina International 2023WHES -Champs 2022VaHT Fall 2022GVRDC Aug. 2022VaHT CCI May 2022WHES May 2022Longleaf HT April. 2022Carolina International 2022SPHT 2022Archived old eventsWHES-Ch Nov. 2021VaHT International Fall 21GVRDC 2021Millbrook 2021Va Horse Trials May 2021WHES May 2021Longleaf HT April 2021Carolina International 2021SPHT March 2021WHES Champs. Nov. 2020Va. HT/CCI/YEH Champs. fall 2020WHES Oct. 2020GVRDC Aug. 2020Va. International HT & CCI July 2020SPHT 2020WHES Ch.Nov. 2019Va International HT Nov. 2019WHES Oct. 2019GVRDC 2019Millbrook 2019South Farm HT 2019VaHT and Int. Event May 2019WHES May 2019Longleaf Pine Horse Trials 2019Carolina International 2019SPHT Mar. 2019WHES Ch Nov 2018VaHT CCI/CIC Nov. 2018WHES Oct. 2018GVRDC 2018Millbrook HT 2018South Farm Horse Trials 6/30-7/1 2018VaHT/CCI/CIC May 2018WHES May 2018Longleaf Horse Trials 2018GVRDC 2016Longleaf Pine Horse Trials 2016Carolina International 2018Southern Pines Horse Trials 2018War Horse Champs. Nov. 2017VA Horse Trials, CCI*, CIC** October 2017War Horse HT October 2017GVRDC 2017Carolina International 2017South Farm Horse Trials July 2017VA Horse Trials, CCI*, CIC** May 2017War Horse HT May 2017Longleaf Pine Horse Trials 2017